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Lingua at Hillcrest

Lingua At Hillcrest is our own language centre, complete with shopping village, where we run hands-on language sessions for our own students as well as students from other schools. As well as practising their language skills, pupils also benefit from extra sessions including:

  • Working with trainee teachers from both Newman and Birmingham Universities
  • A GCSE oral revision programme
  • Additional workshops such as making chocolate kebabs and videos in the foreign language
  • Helping run activities for students from other schools

Please email for further information and availability.

The Shopping Visits 

The Shopping Visit

After passing through passport control, pupils change their money into Euros. They then take part in a whirlwind carousel of intensive fun, interactive activities led by trained teachers and native speakers. These are designed to develop their language skills and give them the confidence to fully take part in the “shopping”

Armed with a clipboard and their Euros, pupils compete to collect as many stamps as possible for their “imaginary” shopping and to spend their Euros for real in the café and souvenir shop.

Tailor Made Visits 

Tailor Made Visits

We are constantly striving to expand the range of activities we offer and are happy to tailor a visit to your needs, providing that we have at least one months notice.

We are able to create an experience based on a topic of your choice in French, German or Spanish or adapt an existing visit for your pupils.

Recent visits have included:

  • Producing a fashion show (Y7 and Y8)
  • Creating your own puppet show (Y8)
  • Weather themed workshops followed by presenting the weather (filmed)
  • Y11 oral booster sessionsPlease contact us with your suggestions and/or requirements and we will do our best to help
  • Reviews
  • PDF2MFL Murder Mystery Day Jan15 (link)
  • Workshops
  • Customs
  • Shopping

Are Your Pupils Fascinated By Crime Programmes? 

In our exciting murder mystery pupils compete in teams to solve the “murder of the Bank Manager”. After watching the initial news bulletin, they work in groups to examine the crime scene, look at different sources of evidence, watch interviews and CCTV footage, carry out a chromatography test and interrogate suspects before presenting their case to the class – all in a foreign language!

Language work is supported by the need to be language detectives too.

  • Available in French, German, and Spanish
  • Suitable for Y9 +

Please contact us for further details and availability. 

Teacher Guidance Booklet 

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Teacher Guidance Murder Mystery Booklet 

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Times and Prices 2017-2018

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