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School Uniform

We expect our students to take pride in their appearance and we believe that the wearing of school uniform fosters a sense of identity. If students attend school inappropriately dressed their parents/carers will be contacted. Students are not allowed to attend lessons out of uniform.

See the sections below to find out more about our uniform policy.

Uniform booklet 2022-23 

Any parent that needs help with school uniform school contact the school via or via their child’s Head of Year.

We have a small supply of preowned uniform in school, and we are always grateful for donations of uniform. Please contact Ms C Randal Headteachers PA if you need any support with uniform, or if you have any uniform to donate, please drop it into main reception.

Main School Uniform

  • Blazer – Black with Hillcrest round logo (Available from supplier only)
  • Sweater – Black V neck jumper – (Available from supplier or generic uniform stores)
  • Trousers – Black – not leggings or slim legged/tight fitted -(Available from supplier or generic uniform stores)
  • Skirts – Black: (not stretched or tight materials. Should be at least knee length) – (Available from supplier or generic uniform stores)
  • Shirts – White shirt – (Closed collar during Autumn and Spring terms and open collar during Summer term) (Optional in the summer term) – (Available from supplier or generic uniform stores)
  • Tie – Current tie – (Available from supplier only)
  • Headscarf – (For religious observance. Black or White. – (Available from supplier or generic uniform stores)
  • Socks/tights – Black socks or black tights – (Available from supplier or generic uniform stores)
  • Shoes – Black schools shoes -(Available from generic shoe stores)
  • School lanyard and student passes are to be worn by all students as part of the uniform- these will be issued within school to new students. Replacement passes and lanyards can be purchased from the school

P.E. Kit

  • Black girls Shorts or Skort – (Optional) – (Available from supplier or generic uniform stores)
  • Polo Shirts – (Available from supplier only)
  • Sports Sweater/quarter zip top) – (Available from supplier only) - Optional
  • PE Socks – Black football socks – (Available from supplier or generic uniform stores)
  • Tracksuits Bottoms – (Black – not leggings or tight fitted) – (Available from supplier or generic uniform stores)
  • Sports Footwear – (Sports trainers) – (Available from generic sports stores)
  • Shin Pads – (Available from generic sports stores)

Jewellery Policies

  • Jewellery must not be worn.
  • One pair of small stud earrings are allowed.
  • Body piercing, e.g. nose studs, eyebrow studs, tongue studs etc are not permitted.
  • Students will be asked to remove body piercings and will be sent home if they fail to do so.
  • Jewellery, if worn, will be taken and will be returned to students at the end of term, or parents may come in person to collect the item.
  • Make-up should not be worn for school.

For Science

Students are encouraged to wear a laboratory coat to protect their clothes.

Uniform Stockists:

Our uniform is obtainable from the following stockists:

  • Somal Fashions, 11 Faraday Avenue, Birmingham, B32 1JP
  • Gogna School Wear, Unit 1B Junction Two Ind Est, Demuth Way, Oldbury, B69 4LT.  Tel no; 0121 523 5572