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Getting it Right

At Hillcrest we operate a ‘Getting It Right Policy’ (GIR). This is a behaviour policy based upon:

  • Praise
  • Choice – ALL Students make choices which dictate their actions. These actions can then result in either positive or negative consequences

A key element of the GIR system is to motivate students to ASPIRE to be the very best they can in every area of school life.

How Do We Describe The Achieve System?

Achievement through learning
Service to the community
Pride and determination
Individual responsibility
Respect, courtesy and consideration
Excellence and high expectations

As part of our commitment to promote British Values, it is the aim of the school to create a happy, successful school in which students are able to learn and develop to their full potential. They can, therefore, expect to be valued and respected as individuals, to be treated with fairness and understanding and to be encouraged and praised for effort. We welcome and encourage the involvement of parents and members of the community in school to enrich and improve education for all. Students must be prepared to follow the ‘Getting It Right’ policy.

Report from Ofsted:

"Pupils’ conduct is excellent. Around the school and in lessons, pupils are courteous and confident."  (Ofsted, July 2017)

Getting It Right Procedures

At the start of every lesson, students have a GIR point. The objective for each student is to keep their GIR point every lesson. This means students can win 5 GIR points every day if they keep their points in every lesson. By the end of the academic year students are expected to maintain a minimum of 95% of their GIR points.

In order to keep their GIR point students must meet behaviour expectations; work to the best of their ability, arrive to lesson on time, bring the correct equipment, ensure any homework is handed in on time and completed to an appropriate standard. Students will lose their GIR point if they fail to meet one of these expectations in any given lesson.

If a student repeatedly fails to meet expectations in a lesson, despite numerous warnings, a C4 may be issued by the teacher and the student will be removed from the lesson to work in isolation for a fixed period of time during that day and receive a 60 minute ‘SLT Detention’ after school on a Friday.

Excellent attendance is important as students cannot earn GIR points if they are not in lessons. The more lessons they attend, the more opportunities they have to earn GIR points. If a student is absent from school for a day, they lose the chance to win 5 GIR points that day.

GIR Bonus Points

We have a GIR Bonus Points Scheme through which students gain recognition of their achievements in relation to their academic work. When a student gains ten bonus points in a subject area, a subject commendation will be awarded by the Head of Department. The Head teacher’s commendation is worth five bonus points and is awarded for exceptional achievement or effort.

Throughout their time at Hillcrest students can receive different levels of certificates based on the number of bonus points they receive. 30 bonus points are required for a bronze certificate, 40 for a silver certificate, 50 for a gold certificate, 60 for a platinum certificate, 80 for a diamond certificate and 100 for an emerald certificate.

Any student who receives more than 50 bonus points in a term will automatically be entered into a special prize draw at the end of the term. 

Praise Postcards

These will be sent home to students to inform their parents/carers of an achievement in school in relation to their academic work, attitude, good manners or anything else that deserves praise.

Community Certificate

These will be awarded to students who make a contribution to the Hillcrest community. This might include being part of a sports team, after-school club, taking part in an event or being a guide when we have visitors in school. We value the importance of representing the school in a variety of ways and feel that supporting the school and wider community is central to the personal development of our students.


Students must be in their form room no later than 8.45 each morning. The minimum attendance threshold for attendance is 95%. Students with attendance below 90% will fall into the ‘Persistent Absentee’ category and their attendance will be monitored closely by our Educational Welfare Officer.

Detention System

The school operates an after-school detention system. There are four different detentions in the system.

Homework Detention

Students who fail to complete a piece of homework will receive a 30-minute ‘Homework Detention’ on Tuesday or Thursday. If a student fails to attend this detention they will receive a 60-minute detention. However a teacher may issue a homework warning to a student if the teacher feels there are exceptional circumstances for the homework not being completed.

Homework Improvement Detention

Students who complete a piece of homework but not to the expected standard or in-line with their level of ability will receive a 30-minute ‘Homework Improvement Detention’ on Tuesday or Thursday to improve this piece of homework. If a student fails to attend this detention they will receive a 60-minute detention.

Behaviour / Late Detention

This detention can be issued to students under the following circumstances:

  • A student arrives late to a particular lesson three times
  • A student receives a C3 for repeatedly failing to behave appropriately in a lesson
  • A student fails to wear a their uniform correctly or fails to bring their Knowledge Organiser' to each day
  • A student persistently fails to meet the expected standards in lessons in terms of effort and organisation. 

These detentions will take place on either a Tuesday or Thursday each week. If a student fails to attend this detention will receive a 60-minute detention.

SLT Detention

This 60-minute detention can be issued under the following circumstances:

  • A student fails to attend 60-minute homework or behaviour/lates detention;
  • A student receives a C4 for their behaviour in lessons or around the school;
  • A student is late for school ten times and every consecutive tenth late;
  • A student receives an ‘SLT Consequence’ for inappropriate behaviour in the school community;
  • A student truants from school, lesson, form period or daily registration;
  • A student has a mobile phone visible in school and/or refuses to hand over the phone to a member of staff.

These detentions will take place after school on a Friday. If a student fails to attend they will be internally isolated as a result of their failure to meet expectations.

Hillcrest Superstar Awards

This is the highest level of award we have at Hillcrest. A Hillcrest Superstar Award will be given to a student who at the end of the year has kept a minimum of 95% GIR points, earned 50 GIR bonus points (gold certificate) in one academic year and six community certificates during the year. Hillcrest Superstars will receive a special certificate and their names will be displayed on a ‘Roll of Honour’. They will also be rewarded with a special Headteacher tie – one which is of a different design to the school tie.


Arriving to school on time each day is key to students making their expected progress. If a student arrives after 8.50am they will receive a 20 minute lunchtime detention that day. If they fail to attend this lunchtime detention they will be placed in room 35 for the remainder of the school day

If a student is late more than 15 times parents/carers will be invited into school to discuss this matter with our Educational Entitlement Officer. If the student continues to be late for school, parents/carers will be invited to attend a ‘Governors Attendance Panel’ meeting.

If a student arrives at school after 9.15am they will be marked with the letter U on the register which means they will effectively be marked absent for the whole morning session. This will then count against their attendance figure.