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School Priorities

School Priorities 2023-24

  1. That Hillcrest is a safe and respectful learning environment where every child is valued as an individual with unique talents and ambitions and all children’s specific needs are met.
  2. That the curriculum at Hillcrest has an academic focus designed to enable all students to engage, enjoy and achieve.
  3. That we provide all students with the knowledge, skills, understanding and relevant qualifications to enable them to successfully access the next stage of their education.
  4. That our curriculum develops effective independent learners who have a passion for learning, an understanding of the power of knowledge and the importance of the female voice in affecting positive change.
  5. That all teaching promotes a love of reading and exposes students to high quality academic texts in and out of lessons.
  6. That the early identification of student’s specific needs, allows us to provide suitable intervention to remove barriers.
  7. That all teaching is responsive with reasonable adjustments made for students with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and English as and additional language (EAL).
  8. That we provide all students with wellbeing support and advice; careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG); personal, social, spiritual, moral, and cultural development (Life Skills and SMSC), to allow them to fully engage in an ever-changing world, to understand and respect fundamental British values and make informed decisions.
  9. That students know how to keep themselves safe from harm in person and online, and who to go to if they need advice and support in various aspects of their lives, including external and virtual support.
  10. That all students attend school regularly and are supported to achieve their full academic and social potential.