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Careers and Apprenticeships

Useful links below to career opportunities, apprenticeships and advice and guidance:

University Guide

The complete university guide- Click Here

Course Finder

UK course finder - Click Here

Student Finance England

Student Finance English - Click Here

Barclays Life Skills

Barclays Life Skills – Click Here 

A selection of Youtube Videos to improve your understanding about Apprenticeships

Understanding about apprenticeships videos – Click Here

Barclays Hire Apprenticeship Video

Barclays higher apprenticeship video – Click Here


Apprenticeships Explained – Click Here

Further Information  – Click Here

Top Tips For Applying For An Apprenticeship

Top Tips for apprenticeships –Click Here

The National Careers Service

The National Careers Service – Click Here 

TES 'Growing Ambitions' - Excellent Careers Website

TES – Growing Ambitions – Click Here

Careers Box - Short Films On Careers

Careers `Box – Short Films On Careers – Click Here

Careers Information in The NHS

Careers Information in The NHS – Click Here

 Advice For Professional Careers

Advice For Professional Careers – Click Here

Build A Future That Is Right For You

Building a future that is right for you – Click Here

National STEM Centre

The National STEM Centre – Click Here

Career Opportunities From Science and Maths

Career opportunities from Science and Maths – Click Here

What Do Employers Look For In Graduates?

What do employers look for in graduates – Click Here

Graduate Employment Statistics

Graduate Employment Statistics – Click Here

QA Apprenticeships

QA Apprenticeships – Click Here

Land Rover

Land Rover Apprenticeships – Click Here 

Big Ambition - A Digital Careers Website For 14-19 Year Olds

Big Ambition – Click Here

Not Going To Uni

Not going to uni – Click Here 

Education and Learning

Education and Learning – Click Here

Army Careers

Army Careers – Click Here

Careers and Apprenticeship Information

National Careers Service – Click Here

Further Education Skills (Apprenticeships) – Click Here

Barclays Skills – Click Here 

Step Into The NHS – Click Here

Total Professions – Click Here

Jaguar Land Rover Careers – Click Here

Apprenticeships QA – Click Here

Not Going To Uni – Click Here

Apply To The Army – Click Here 

I Could Website – Click Here

Practice reasoning tests for job interviews and apprenticeships