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Key Stage 4 Curriculum




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Course Content

GCSE Spanish allows students to explore a new language whilst drawing on the skills and knowledge of language learning developed through learning French. You will develop your listening, reading, speaking, writing and translation skills so that you can communicate fluently and effectively. You will develop your ability to speak spontaneously, understand authentic texts including literary texts, translated into Spanish and English and apply new language and structures independently.

The following topics are studied:

· Identity and culture.

· The local area, holiday and travel.

· School

· Future aspirations, study, and work.

· International and global issues and events.

Assessment Details

Examinations can be taken at Higher or Foundation level. You must take the same level in all the papers.

There are 4 papers:

· Listening,

· Reading,

· Speaking

· Writing.

Each paper is worth 25% of the total grade.

Why study this course 

Developing your communication skills in both Spanish and English, becoming an independent learner and learning about other cultures. Linguists are highly valued in almost every career as every company requires articulate employees with good communication skills. In addition, most companies work with organisations abroad and/or speakers of other languages in this country. Languages are particularly useful in Business, Management, Law, Marketing, Administration, Medical careers, and Journalism. Britain has a national shortage of employees at all levels with language skills.

Please note: Universities are increasingly insisting on a GCSE in a language as an entry requirement. Languages are compulsory in primary schools and, therefore, an essential skill for anyone considering such a career. You must study Spanish at GCSE if you want to study it at ‘A’ Level