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Summer School 2021 Information

Summer School Funding 2021

The Summer schools programme was set up in response to the impact that the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic had on pupils learning. The aim of the Summer schools programme was to provide pupils with academic and enrichment activities in order to mitigate the impact of lost learning and transition activities.

At Hillcrest School and Sixth Form Centre we aimed to ensure that our summer school programme was used by the pupils who would benefit most. Our Summer school programme, offered an opportunity for pupils to enhance their learning and wellbeing through a range of activities, including team building and sports activities.


School details

Name of school:

Hillcrest School and Sixth Form Centre

School type:

Secondary 11 to 18 Convertor Academy

Total number of pupils:

610 -  Year 7 to 13

Pupils eligible for FSM:

276 – Year 7 to 13

Number of pupils who attended the Summer school programme:

66 -  New Year 7 2021 (103 places offered)

Total number of absent pupils:


Dates the Summer school took place:

Week 1  - 9th to 13 August

Week 2 – 16th to 20th August

Number of days offered to pupils:

5 days

Year group(s) which attended:

Year 7 2021-22

Allocated funding

Allocated funding

Amount of funding claimed:


Total funding received:


Funding received per pupil:


Amount of funding spent:


Amount of funding left unspent:















Summary of spending

The funding enabled the school to:

  • Provide quality enrichment activities that benefited pupils’ reading, writing and maths skills.
  • Provide activities that some pupils’ might not have been able to access.
  • Ensure the pupil to staff ratio was appropriate for the successful delivery of the programme.
  • Provide healthy and nutritious meals to pupils attending the summer school.


Record of spending to deliver the summer school programme

Item or project


Intended impact


In school activities covering literacy, numeracy,  science and team building

e.g., Maths orienteering, English murder mystery, mini sports day, egg drop challenge, camp craft


To provide quality learning and enrichment activities that benefitted pupils’ reading, writing and maths skills.

Provide opportunities for students to make friends with people from other primary schools and be ready for secondary school in September 2021.


All students took part in a range of on-site activities over 3 and a half days of the 5-day summer school.

Staff were able to assess individual students’ areas for development in both literacy and numeracy skills and social and emotional skills. Student feedback at the end of the summer school and after one month in school showed that the students who attended had settled well and had valued the opportunity to attend summer school in preparation for secondary school.

Off-site activities and transport

e.g.  2 from Blackwell Adventure, Birmingham Botanical Gardens,  AS Water Sports at Bartley Green Reservoir


To provide activities that some pupils’ might not have been able to access without summer school funding.

All students who attended experienced a one-day trip off site for team building through either an outdoor adventure setting or botanical, and arts and craft setting. All students also experienced a half day trip to take part in raft building and canoeing at the local reservoir sports centre. The student and staff feedback shows that students developed friendships, resilience, teamwork, empathy and understanding during the experiences.

Lunches and catering staff costs


To provide healthy and nutritious meals to pupils attending the summer school.

All students attending had access to a hot meal or a packed lunch on trip days. All meals were taken in a social environment where students could get to know each other and the staff leading the summer school.

Staffing Costs


Ensure the pupil to staff ratio and staff expertise was appropriate for the successful delivery of the programme. To introduce Year 6 students to staff that they would be seeing in school in September.

Staff running the summer schools had the necessary training, knowledge and experience for the activities offered. Students met at least 6 different Hillcrest staff during their weeklong summer school experience and feedback shows that this helped the transition process. Staff were able to give information from summer school activities to other staff in school to help the Year 6 to 7 transition process.  Parents also valued the opportunity to meet key staff in school.
















































Date published:

31st October 2021


Ms J Davies

Job title:



J Davies